Residential Air Conditioning

Selecting the most suitable system is the key to maximize performance and optimize comfort. Air treatment, low sound levels, guaranteed energy savings: as they have among the highest SCOPs & SEERs in the market and easy installation of the indoor units make the Toshiba residential range the top choice for any home.
R32 Eurovent Daiseikai 9 RAS PKVPG Thumbnail

Daiseikai 9 - Excellence in Performance & Air Quality

DC Twin Rotary Inverter, 10/13/16.000 BTU, A+++, PKVPG-E (R32)

Eurovent Logoside Daiseikai 8

Daiseikai 8 Digital DC Twin Rotary Inverter G2KVP-E

Highest standard in efficiency and comfort! 10/13/16.000 BTU

Eurovent Logoside N3KVP Small

Daiseikai 6,5 Hybrid DC Twin Rotary Inverter N3KVP-E

High standards in efficiency and comfort. 10/13/16.000 BTU

R32 Eurovent Shorai R32

Shorai R32 Hybrid DC Inverter PKVSG-E

Silence... you can hear the excellence! 10/13/16/18/22/24.000 BTU

Eurovent Logoside Suzumi Plus E1

Suzumi Plus Hybrid DC Inverter N3KV2-E1

Successful combination of optimized energy efficiency and effective air cleaning. 10/13/16/18/22.000 BTU

R32 Eurovent Mirai R32

Mirai R32 DC Inverter BKVG-E

The future is now! 7/10/13/16.000 BTU

Eurovent Logoside Mirai R410A

Mirai R410A DC Inverter BKV-E

Accessible comfort! 7/10/13/16.000 BTU

Eurovent Logoside UFV

Bi-Flow Floor Hybrid DC Inverter UFV-E1

Smart and compact choice! 10/13/18.000 BTU

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