Super Modular Multi System (SMMSe)



The new generation of VRF units with innovative components and advanced intelligence to deliver total value in air conditioning systems.

  • New DC twin rotary compressor with outstanding capacity under partial load drive to improve efficiency and comfort (3 compressors from size 14).
  • Fast calculating vector-controlled inverter to exploit the compressor’s full potential and provide smoother operation with optimized energy savings.
  • Piping flexibility increases the design options; up to 235m in equivalent length and 40m of height difference (equivalent to 11 floors).
  • Compressor shield and unit casing designed to reduce the vibration and contain the noise levels.
  • New patented four blades fan propeller with a large diameter (740mm) and a high power motor.
  • Unique solution to facilitate the installation process. This joint reduces the number of bends with consequent tidier installation and more regular refrigerant flow in the gas pipe circuit.


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