Residential Products

Residential Air Conditioning

Toshiba’s modern & stylish residential systems are the absolute solution for all the family. They offer comfort, Indoor Air Quality, low noise and extremely high energy savings as they have among the highest SCOPs & SEERs in the market.

Light Commercial Products

Light Commercial

Solutions for professionals, from professionals. Digital and Super Digital Inverter latest technolgies offer the ideal solutions for small business. The toshiba range provides a wide choice of indoor units with optimum performance and efficiency.

Commercial Products

Commercial systems

The most advanced air conditioning system for commercial applications. VRF products provide comfort, safety, reliability, flexibility and energy savings. They are the perfect choice for commercial centres, office towers, hospitals and hotels.

Heating Products


Toshiba Estía air to water heat pumps is the ideal solution to increase energy efficiency, using air as a main source of energy. This is an all in one system designed to deliver the right temperature for space heating, for domestic sanitary hot water and with the additional advantage of having an air conditioner in the warmer seasons.

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Residential Catalogue

Download the new Residential Catalogue by Toshiba.

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Light Commercial Catalogue

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